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The beauty of flowers amidst a Global Pandemic

What a start to the year we have all had. Global Pandemic resulting in life as we know it to alter. Entire countries locked down globally, financial crisis and millions left unemployed, worldwide, travel bans, loved ones lost, weddings cancelled, communities left struggling to support the poor and vulnerable in many countries and healthcare services overwhelmed.

Its may seem all doom and gloom but its not, we are resilient by nature and when crisis or challenge is thrown in our way we adapt.

We cannot change what is out of our hands so we can instead focus what we can change. That is the only way you can look at things. We have been doing it for a milenna as humans and the animal and plant kingdom does it on a daily basis.

Many businesses have changed how they run, families and friends change how the communicate and see one another, these are all things that we can deal with and one day we will be out the other side, it will be hard but we can do it!

With all weddings this year except maybe my late summer/autumn ones still happening, we have ahd to alter our services slightly. Flowers have still been blooming regardless of the social/political climate! So if weddings and events don't happen we need to find other ways to use them!

Handful of bright joyous spring flowering Ranunculus, lupine, stock, anemone, hellebores and euphorbia.

We have been offering contactless delivery of flowers these past few months with great success, as when people loose a loved one or celebrate a big day in the isolation of their own home, mentally it can be hard, but flowers, although a luxury, can evoke wonderful feelings of joy and love when received.

They can let people know you care, even when you can't be with them.

Beautiful Ranunculus, scented stocks and hellebores in this hand tied bouquet.

Flowers are natures way of celebrating the seasons, their beauty is for all to enjoy, and if they can bring a beacon of light to a person in their time of need I will be there!

A vase arrangement for a wedding Anniversary of British Flowers



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