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British Flowers for Early Spring Weddings

February and March are not usually though of as months when people traditionally get married, though there is a big move towards these 'off season' months as many things such as venue hire charges among other things are much more affordable.

So if you have your heart set on an early spring wedding, while all the big bold flowers of Summer are still tiny seedling, there is an abundance of beautiful spring flowers still at your disposal.

Seasonal Snippits

Narcissus, Tulips, Muscari, Hellebores, the first Ranunculus, Anemone and many winter flowering stems such as Chameleanosis (flowering quince) and Witch hazel are appearing in the garden, and even some early spring blossom on trees such as the black cherry (Prunus Nigra)

Flowering stem of Chameleanosis

Foliage is another one, Eucalyptus is in its cutting season and many other evergreens such as Pittosporum, Japanese box, Ivy, and Hebes in all their beautiful glossy dark shades are readily available.

An arrangement with narcissus, muscari, hellebores and blossom.

Hedgerows are bursting with hazel catkins which add wonderful texture to any arrangement.

The beautiful coloured dogwood stems or twisted willow stem again can add some height and dimension to a spring themed wedding.

Instead of using imported roses and other out of season flowers, why not embrace late winter and spring flowers and style your wedding to the seasons.

Potted bulbs in vintage terracotta pots or aged urns make a wonderful table decoration.

Single stems of Anemone or Ranunculus can create a wonderful tablescape or even vases en mass filled with beautiful Cornish narcissus to pack a real wow factor.

So if you are indeed planning an early spring wedding, you can go have an 'all British' floral affair and help support and promote the cause for British Seasponal Blooms!



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