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January. A month many loathe, as the busy hustle and bustle of Christmas and the festive season is long over, and we must drag ourselves back to reality.

I find Christmas a hard time as I'm usually running on adrenaline the months of November and December, then when we all stop for Christmas it hits me hard, I'm on the other side of the world from family and friends, and it really gets me down.

January. A month I love. To me it is a month of getting motivated and climbing out of any post Christmas funk that we all find ourselves in sometimes. There's so much to do in January, the days are slowly growing longer, its light past 4,30, brief interludes of January sunshine, albeit often bitterly cold, is enough to get anyone in good spirits. All the little jobs you never had time for outside in the autumn you can attack with a renewed fervor, even now the buds are beginning to swell on the first daffodils which have surface as if overnight, their proud green protruding heads heralding the slow arrival of spring, even if it is still months away. All these little thing raise your spirits and make you think, yes it is a new year lets celebrate all the little things we often overlook and take for granted.

January. Its a time to slow down and re-evaluate the past year and look beyond our busy every day lives and take stock of what we have, not what we think we need.

Yesterday I pruned some bits from the garden and scavenged some #lovelydeadcrap from the pile of scraps in my workshop. Even though it feels like the dead of winter and everything appears

dormant, hibernating until an untold force awakens them, there is still beauty if you look hard enough.

So go outside, what better thing to do than go out for a walk, be it by yourself, with your dog, or even the whole family. Last Sunday we went out with the kids for a quick walk after lunch, they delighted in seeing who could find the longest strand of Ivy, while I collected a few bits to make a table arrangement.

I love teaching my children the different trees out there, and they are getting to be a deft hand at spotting an alder or hazel and all its beautiful catkins bursting from the branches.

(Always make sure you a foraging from areas that have public foot paths or bridle ways or have the landowners permission first! )

So don't despair of January and get the winter blues, celebrate the crisp cold mornings, go for a walk and find some little hidden gems of nature and bring them back home because sometimes that is the best medicine of all.



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