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Not very aptly named as it is now the middle of January, but despite that I wanted to share with you some of my favourite bits from the festive season just passed.

The Wreath........

I find it very relaxing to construct a wreath, you get to be creative in the materials you choose so almost every wreath can have a different personality.

I also learnt my own time limitations this year, namely my limitations with little people about when you need to get work completed!

My Christmas wreaths are all made the traditional mossed ring way, if the moss is kept damp, these wreaths can last months, and my own one is still on my door as I can't bear to take it down just yet. It will eventually be replaced by a spring wreath with bulbs and moss once winter draws to and end though.

A very popular design this year was an experiment I did with an asymmetrical half mossed wreath ring. Its modern style and simplicity made it a lovely deviation from the more traditional fully decorated rings we usually see and I enjoyed the creativity I got to have as everyone I made was different. I love gathering lots of little textural buts to add a but of 'natural wildness' to each wreath.

The Table......

Garlands were also another popular choice this year, I hadn't planned on doing any but once the wreath making bug hit me I could not stop making anything pine or foliage related. These are also another way to bring fresh greenery into your home at Christmas time and can be accessorised with baubles, candlesticks and lights to really add impact to your table.

A centrepiece is another excellent way to decorate your home for Christmas. Not just for the table, these look great on windowsills and sideboards to bring some festive foliage inside to brighten up your home. (And who doesn't love the smell of fresh pine and oranges)

A re-occuring element in many designs was the use of pheasant feathers. I love natural styled designs, and these feathers are abundant at this time of year and so adding these to arrangements is a great way to add different textural elements to each piece, and nearly everybody requested these be incorporated into their design.

Now it is January, grey and cold, a new year ushered in, and I look back longingly at the festive foliage and beautiful designs of Christmas. Mentally 'm already making plans for next year, what designs and styles to try, what foliage and plants do I want to plant and grow, as beyond anything else, I love being able to produce most of the the foliage and little textural elements myself here on the farm.

The bulk of my greenery comes from the wholesalers, but I like to make sure a little bit of Wiltshire and my patch goes in each wreath. Whether it be seed heads, catkins or twigs, or even some left over crab apples here in my own wreath, its all been carefully curated and styled with care and love for whomever it is made.



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