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Foam Free Floristry Trials

Whilst on a lovely country walk with my 3 year old and dog, I decided there was so much beautiful natural foliage and dried seed heads lining the bridleway, it gave me the inspiration to attempt and experiment with some foam free wall installations using chicken wire, moss and test tubes.

We collected a number of branches, horn beam, beech, dried cow parsley, cornus, fern, rose hips and crap apple, and a managed to pinch some beautiful amaranthus from a friends garden.

That afternoon when the sun was shining after school, I set the children on a task of collecting conkers in the orchard to give myself some design time! Once I had made the basic shape I wanted from using the larger branches, I filled in the gaps in the chicken wire and moss 'sausage' with smaller bits of foliage.

Finally I added in the details such as dried seed heads, some honesty Id collects, and a few phesant feathers. The finishing touch, was adding test tubs containing the amaranthus stems to add a pop of colour to the arrangement.



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