Christmas Wreath Kit (NO FOLIAGE)

Christmas Wreath Kit (NO FOLIAGE)

This DIY Christmas Wreath kit is perfect for creating you very own 12" festive door wreath. 


What the Kit Includes:


Full Video Tutorial plus written instructions with photos for those without internet or computer access.

12" Wreath Ring


Reel Wire

Stub Wire


Dried Orange Slices

Dried Chilies

Pine Cones

Cinnamon Sticks

Lotus Heads

Foraging Foliage Guide

All you have to do is cut your own foliage. A comprehensive guide will be included, but foliage such as pine, ivy, holly, conifer, boxwood, laurel, bay, rosemary, pittosporum and many other shrubs you may have at home in your garden. Also dried seed heads, teasels, rosehips and feather make a great addition. So why not arrange a small gathering of friends and family and have a fun festive wreath making session at home.